Monday, January 18, 2010

Flip The Snobby Switch

So today on the bus....

visual: Groggy and absolutely exhausted eyes seek for my bus today in my lululemon lite gray Feel Good sweatpants that really do feel so good and a long sleeve bright blue v-neck. My hair, still curly from the previous evening, is everywhere and my purple backpack feels so heavy. I wait.

It is a really nice morning and there is quite a collection of people already at my bus stop this morning. Always a good sign, as I have not missed the bus! I ponder a bold blend of coffee from the 711 Convenient store. Should I make a dash for it? YES!

I rush in. Fill up my sustainable cup and pay as quickly as possible. They only charged me .99 cents because it was refill in my cup. AMAZING! I run back out. Still no bus. Sheesh, all that rush. So, I lean and wait.

A familiar face appears and stands beside me. My resident 711 homeless man, Anthony is here today. He gives me the normal up and down look, sizing up my outfit today. Ugh, why does he have to do that? I tell him good morning. He looks up. I think he is all too surprised I remember his name. We chat about the past couple weeks and he tells me how nice I look. I'm in sweatpants, he is funny.

He proceeds to interrupt our great conversation and asks me for money. I tell him again that I ride the bus and need these quarters for my transportation. He knows all this. I explained it last time. So then, he asks for my number. Yes, he is trying to get my digits at the bus stop in front of 711.

My snobby mind rushes to, "Is this your life? Is this really happening?".

I have to wonder if he owns a phone. He did not whip one out to enter my contact information. And what is he thinking? I immediately say no.

He markets himself well. Telling me we could hang out. He has some great contacts if I need to network and I could help him find some jobs here and there.

I flip the snobby switch and my inspiring self latches to goal setting and ask him what he wants to do, what type of job and his goals. He brushes me off and informs me he doesn't want a real job, per se. More just clean up stuff here and there. "So, can I have your number?", he asks again.

I roll my eyes and tell him no phone number. I reach down in my pocket and find a lingering dime. I give it to him. I say, "Look Anthony. You are not getting my phone number. However, I can promise that I will bring you a dime every time I see you. A dime, every time. Deal? And I will keep my ears to the ground for job opportunities if you promise to keep looking for a job, a real job?". He takes the dime reluctantly and say okay. He wishes me a beautiful day and heads back to his post by the entrance.

Oh Anthony. What in heaven's name was he thinking asking for my number? Guess he has nothing to lose.

You would think at all the parties I have attended and the bars I frequent with the lululemon ladies, that some of the guys could take a tip from Anthony on how to get a number from any of the single girls in this town.

Anyways, I flipped the snobby switch and will be carrying five quarters and a dime from now on.

The things I do for goal setting.

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  1. With posts like this, your blog is going to make a great book someday.