Monday, January 11, 2010

Aussies Did Not Look Like This When I Was There...

So today on the bus....

visual: Electric orange lululemon athletica racerback and black groove pants roll the bike on the front of the bus today. With my high ponytail, green glasses and UGG boots in 70 degree weather, I am the epitome of LA right now waiting for my bus.

I rode my beach cruiser all the way down to Santa Monica today for some yoga on the beach with a best friend of mine, Leigh Golden. She is an amazing yoga instructor and really just a zesty human being. We had a grand time and it made for quite the most lovely morning. So grateful for my ridiculous sunshine in January, a beautiful beach and mountains in the background. How can I ever have a bad day?

As I depart my dear yoga friend, I roll my bike down to my bus stop. As I know the bike ride is uphill back to Beverly Hills, I am all too glad that the Rapid 720 comes all the way down to the beach. I leave early to give time for traffic, delays and random bus adventure.

And happy I am that I left early...

While waiting at my bus stop propped up on my navy blue beach cruiser and gushing on my cellular device, a crew of young Australian boys depart a different bus to wait at my stop. Now, I studied in the land down under for six months, and let me tell you all a little something, Aussies did NOT look like this where I was staying. I tell my Midwest love I will call him back, hang up immediately and eavesdrop.

They were staring at the bus signs that are so damn confusing and conversing with one another in that amazing accent. The friendly local I am, I wave one over and ask where they want to be going.

"Thanks mate. Lookin' for Rodeo Drive"?

I melt. Something about accents, they get me every time. I tell them to just follow my lead, I work in Beverly Hills near Rodeo. I dance a little inside knowing they will be riding with me. I am such a nerd. But really, what a treat! Beautiful men. With accents! Sometimes the Metro really shows up in for me in more than just transportation.

Speaking of, the bus arrives and we all line up. I load my bike on the front trying to look cool yet knowing it is merely impossible with the weight of the bike and all the performance anxiety! I do alright. Sweating in my UGG boots, I thank my bus driver and sit near my Australian mates.

We get to talking about their visit to LA, life and upcoming travels. So get this, these five boys had all quit their jobs. Just up and quit. Flew in last night for a pit stop in Los Angeles for three days, then heading to the Grand Canyon next, Vegas afterwards, and finally landing down to South America for six months!

My mouth dropped. Why are Australians so cool? They really travel, live without fear and just experience life! I take a mental note of my jealousy of their cool factor and life adventure-ness, silently pondering if just maybe I should add that into my life goals.

Anyways, they ask me about Hollywood and the Walk of Stars. I chuckle inside thinking about my first trip to LA and all the tourist stuff my family and I did. Hell, I got my first prom dress on Rodeo Drive and thought I was the cat's meow because of it. How different my LA home is from what any outsider would come to experience now. I know the secrets like hiking Runyon Canyon, the pancakes at Griddle Cafe, the difference between a jog and a jog on the beach boardwalk and the amazing happy hour(s) at Cabo Cantina. Hello, it is a 2 for 1 deal until 8pm.

Nonetheless, I am helpful and break out the Blackberry google maps application and get them public transit directions from Rodeo Drive straight to Hollywood Boulevard. Every day I am still in awe of this incredible technology, I write them directions and they all thank me "heaps".

We approach the 90210 zip code and I pull the stop request chord. We all depart together and I wish them well and send them along to Rodeo Drive and Hollywood Boulevard.

What a fun bus ride with such cute Australian boys. I know that one day they will help some work out clad girl who is traveling and lost in her own life adventures.

Who knows, maybe it will be me!

Traveling the World. One bus ride at a time.

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