Friday, January 1, 2010

2009: Snobbery Recap

I wanted to share with you my 2009 learnings from last year's life of a Snob On A Bus:

1) Reach out and touch someone! Hug, high five, hold hands, kiss .... just share the love.

2) Who talks about the weather with strangers? Let's set some goals together!

3) Get over yourself! Someone cannot be judging you while they are sleeping.

4) You do not have to speak with the same language to communice. Try smiles and laughter.

5) After taking your beachcruiser bike off the front of the bus gate, please place gate upright beore the bus driver can yell at you.

6) If your bus stop shares different bus lines and you want to get on that bus, you better wave it down.

7) You can be that change you want to see in the world.

8) Why waste time caring what other people think? Go ahead, pick your nose on the bus!

9) Be the possibility of love for ALL people.

10) If the Bus reads WESTWOOD in the neon letters above, it stops in Westwood and it is the LAST STOP. Wait for the bus with the right location.

11) Stereotypes Schmeroshtypes! Be open.

12) However, Midwesterners really do have that feel-good vibe. You just know!

13) GO GREEN! Try the bus!

14) Make a Choice. Right Now. 2010 will be the BEST year. Done!

15) Are you listening to me? How are you listening? Listen with an open heart.

16) When expectations are not met, communicate!

17) Life can catch you off guard. Keep on ridin' that bus of life.

18) Very, very OLD men just love me. Period.

19) Give thanks where THANKS is due. Send that email, provide feedback, thank your mom...

20) My family is my saving grace. Always. And thank you family for being that.

21) I never dreamed I would have a Metro Christmas List. Life is funny.

22) I have a bus preference, Rapid 720 baby! A new found Bus Snobbery.

23) I enjoy the bus. Who knew?

24) Set Goals. Create your future. Live with Intention. Welcome 2010!

Happy New Year to ALL from this Snob On A Bus' heart to your heart.

I wish you health, wealth, happiness, love and a beautiful and very green future.

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  1. Right here in the Midwest today, the Future is Now, and it looks like about 12 inches of the White Stuff.

    (That's snow....)