Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eclectic, Crazy and Creepy

So today on the bus....

visual: A Purple Blob bounds towards the bus this morning, and that purple blog is me. Are you ready for this? lululemon athletica purple denim leggings peek beneath a purple plaid rain coat today. Only to be matched by the bright purple jacket, carrying my deeper purple yoga mat and a purple umbrella. Yes. Its true. I top the ensemble with my navy blue fitted LA Dodgers hat and end with bright blue Haviana flip flops.

I can explain the outfit. You see, it has been crazy rainy in LA. And now that I live here, I do not even know how to begin to dress for precipitation in any form. So my running jacket from lululemon is purple plaid, water resistant and wind resistant. No brainer, that is being worn. However, tonight I have an 80's dance workout class in Silverlake, so the purple denim is an absolute must! In getting ready this morning, I did not even ponder the two items being put on together. So here I am, at the bus stop, screaming purple.

I look around and my marketing brain clicks on a billboard image. I am standing with about ten people at the bus stop. A slight drizzle coming down. Each person is wearing a black trench coat of some sort. No joke, every passenger-in-waiting is in black. Then, standing in the middle is this beacon of purple plaid. I am a lululemon advertisement. Right here in real life, for your viewing pleasure.

Anyways, the rain is such a pain. We all keep looking and searching for our bus. The rain really slows LA down. People can't drive, obviously people cannot dress (case in point).... Finally, the puddles start to tidal wave and here comes our bus.

I jump in the ocean of black raincoats and smile at my bus driver. I thank him for driving carefully in all this rainy mess and find a seat next to an older gentleman wearing a mix of a black Cowboy hat and Australian Bush Hat. I lean over to him in all my purple greatness and let him know that his hat reminds me of my home in Texas.

He smiles and we embark on conversation. The normal where you from, what do you do, where you going.... He smiles and is very serene while sitting on the bus. His black leather vest and jeans are some what hipster and he has a slight smell of alcohol that I cannot quite pick out.

He tells me he is a musician works in a bar in Venice and his name is Don. Of course, hipster outfit. Alcohol smell. He had been up partying all night and says he is on his way home! Did I mention it was a Tuesday morning?

I laugh. Don informs me that Jack Daniels was a good friend to him last night and that I should come party some time. He was a beautiful mixture of eclectic, crazy and creepy all at the same time. What a thrill at 7:00am on a Tuesday.

He departed a couple stops after meeting and we bid our good byes. I tell him to rock on and he laughs. I am sure I will run into him again.

Isn't it funny when meeting people. You really have no idea where they just were or even where they are going. Don had gotten on the bus to head home after a long evening of who knows what. I say sex, drugs and alcohol - just because it sounds cool and he is rockstar in his own right. And here I am, sober as a doornail heading to my place of work all decked in purple and really looking forward to this 80's dance session later that evening.

All you can really do, is enjoy the moment. Enjoy the interaction. For all that it might be worth.

A hipster, rocking out, probably-still-drunk-from-the-evening-before party animal meets a responsible, 80's obsessed, purple has to be her favorite color blogger.

And, a beautiful connection.

We laughed. Smiled. And shared. Really, what else would I ever need from the bus?

Life is grand.

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