Monday, January 11, 2010

A Bus Musical, "Snob On A Bus, The Busical"

So today on the bus...

visual: Going for comfort I choose a loose lululemon athletica Still Pant in the a shade of what one might see as a darker blue and another as a deep purple partnered with a sea foam tank and my bright blue Puma tennis shoes, I stare through my green stunner shades for the bus.

I was hitting my bus stops just right for a good two weeks. In that, I mean a bus would show up within two minutes of my arrival. But lately, I have been just about twenty steps behind, every time. Same thing this morning, I saw the bus cross the intersection and I am two crosswalks away. What is that?

I approach my bus stop and take a seat on the bench. For some odd reason, I feel so rushed this morning. As my 'to do' list runs over and over in my head, I tap my Puma clad foot nervously and search down Wilshire. I knock out a couple phone calls and there it is, shiny and red. Phew!

I jump on and have been choosing to stand lately near the first rear entrance. I get a thrill in staring out the double doors while we are moving. It seems like it should be so against the rules, but its not.

So, I'm standing at my post and all of the sudden the bus is jam-packed. I have to move all the way to the back rear entrance. Some larger man with a huge suitcase decided to maneuver on in to my spot, as if I was not even there. I start singing Mister Cellophane from the musical, Chicago, in my head:

Mister cellophane
Should have been my name!
Mister cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there! "

Thank God I don't sing out loud. Disaster.

Anyways, so I am moving to the back and it is one hell of a walk. The bus is already moving and I am swaying between different railings and loop holes hanging from the ceiling to finally swing around to my post in the back. I must have looked like a monkey, a gymnast on rings and a stripper swinging around a pole, all by the time I had gotten to the back. Crazy.

A cute older woman with Adidas capris (or pedal pushers, as my Grandma calls them) and a large brimmed gardening hat is sitting near me all a fluster. When you watch movies, you really only see these huge brims on caps when the scene has the character gardening, thus she was rocking a gardening hat. She asks me about all the stops and I gladly let her know that her exit is coming up in the next three and I will let her know when to stand.

The wheels on the bus go round and round and I let her know its almost time for her to depart. Now, she must have taken a good three minutes to come stand beside me by the back exit. She stood up slowly out of her chair, swayed back and forth, back and forth, and then in one sudden movement, she leaps to stand next to me. A whole different ensemble than my previous monkey-gymnast-stripper pole moves. She was more like a turtle standing up, then a drunk man and a fawn in a meadow.

Now, I get to thinking with a creative stream of consciousness, if I were to ever write a bus musical, "Snob On A Bus, The Busical", I would have such the most wonderful time choreographing the dance scenes of passengers on the bus whilst moving. One of my best friends, Matty would have to do some research and really choreograph and star in the whole thing. Dancing is definitely not my genius. I am bringing back the Cabbage Patch dance if that gives you any notion.

I would also star my friend that dances in New York, Sarita Moore as the main lead. She is tall and muscular and could really capture every single one of these movements.

A Broadway hit in the making: starring movements of the monkeys, turtles, fawn and well, strippers. Now that is a hit! You have to see it today. Jump on a bus! Tickets only $1.25!

Blog writing, hmmmph. Broadway, here I come....on the bus, of course!

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