Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ask for Directions and Get Going

So today on the bus...

visual: Purple plaid lululemon jacket atop a grey pair of crops sit on the bus today. My Nike Dunks with the mismatched shoe laces tap vigorously as the bus fills way up. My purple aviators look around taking it all in today.

I sit on the bus today pondering life and its transitions. I am moving to Chicago in a week and somehow feel a pang of sadness for the LA Public Transit system. I stare at all the people rushing and packing on and wonder what I will learn today.

Some times the crowded days just teach me patience or how to zone out in the mess. But today, a beautiful thing happened, of course.

A younger gentleman was sitting across from me - nice button down, jeans, cool aviator glasses and some diamond earrings. Next to him sat an older woman looking nervous back and forth at street signs and in her purse back to the new stop request... After all the silent panicking, she finally gets up and goes to speak with the bus driver, asking for directions and travel information.

She comes back with a sense of relief and smiling. She sits down and leans over to her neighbor, nudges his shoulder - the cute guy, and informs him, "you know, some times you just have to ask to get where you are going".

He smiles and nods his head and they continue on.

I smile from behind my aviator glasses, too. She is so right!

We cannot get where we are going if we do not speak up, ask directions, and get to where we need to go! This goes for public transporation, but if you dig a little deeper - it is about life.

I secretly place this small but profound piece of advice in my transitional state of mind's backpocket. I have a funny feeling I am going to need this one.

Borrow it, if you like and get where you need to go.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Keep It Royal

So today on the bus...

visual: Rocking my organic fibers care of lululemon athletica today, charcoal heathered grey pants with a purple long sleeve that somehow went well with my deep purple backpack and purple yoga mat. I know, its a lot of purple - but you'll see. My new and insane grey sweatpant material Nike Dunks high tops with yellow shoes laces step up to the 720.

I jump on the over-crowded bus today, thank my bus driver and stand right up front. I cannot even maneuver to a spacious double door spot, it was that 5pm end-of-day hour.

While staring down Wilshire Boulevard and willing people to get off at the next stop, a mid to older aged woman looks up from her book at me and says, "I love the purple you are wearing". I smile and thank her, noticing she is literally rocking ALL purple. Purple shirt, metallic purple windbreaker to purple socks! I, of course, comment that she looks great in her purple, as well.

We dive in deep. Talking about...purple.

Me: "You know, I hear when you wear a purple or lavender color, you should feel relaxed and so should all those around you. Do you?"

Purple Lady: "I do feel quite calm. I really do. But you know hon, purple is really the color of royalty".

Me (smiling): "You know, I was feeling royal today and almost do every day. So glad you reminded me".

Purple Lady: "Well, you keep feelin' that girl. Me too, me too".

We both laugh a little bit and she looks down to continue to read her book.

I smile while standing beside her. We must have looked like quite a vision all clad in every shade of purple - from deep to metallic. And after our conversation, I do feel that she sat a little higher on her bus seat...err, throne.

As we approach my stop, I lean down and say bye to my purple loving friend.

Purple Lady: "Oh bye dear. Keep it real".

Me: "How about we keep it royal?"

And with that we both laugh, high five and I jump off that bus strutting my royal stuff!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Going GREEN!

Look what I bought today....

My new bright green, gas guzzling machine.

My new way to go GREEN!









I am still snobbing on the 720!