Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanks Where Thanks is Due...

Dear Snob on a Bus,

Thank you for your commendation of Line 720 operator. It was entered in our database with a copy forwarded to management staff responsible for this operator. A copy of your comments will also be placed in his personnel file.

- Metro Customer Relations

My heart smiled today when this email arrived in my inbox in response to my glowing review of the friendly and cordial bus driver, Art. I had given thanks where thanks was most definitely due, and the Metro responded! From this response, I realize that I can make a difference in the Metro system, elevate the bus driver, Art's life (and hopefully, his holiday bonus) and truly live my possibility of love and making a difference every day.

In my short time I have spent on this green Earth - I look back, well and forward, and I do have such a wonderful, beautiful life. As Ben Folds sang so eloquently, I truly am "the Luckiest". In realizing this, I wonder who I have been while living this wonderful life? As my bus driver, Art with a heart, received recognition from me and hopefully his management team - where do I begin with all the overdue acknowledgement in the rest of my life?

Acknowledgements such as: I have a simply amazing family. I tear up just writing about them because they literally rock my life in every way possible. I have a beautiful friend group that always stand for my greatness and life adventures. And, I absolutely love my job at lululemon athletica.

I realize that the way to truly thank those that have made our lives beautiful is to be that inspiration for anyone and everyone else. Keep passing on the gift.

Thus, I challenge you today to thank someone that has touched, moved and inspired you to greatness. Is it your family and friends, the amazing barista at Starbucks who is somehow glowing every morning at 6:00am, or that waiter that went above and beyond to give you the best dining experience? Oh, or maybe that writer that wrote something you truly enjoyed, or a stranger that chased you two blocks as you dropped a sock out of your laundry....

Be thankful.

Be love for another.

Be the best life you will live.... for yourself, and for anyone and everyone in this world!

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