Wednesday, December 16, 2009

11 Dimes for You

So today on the bus...

visual: Bright purple plaid rain jacket compliments my purple backpack atop my navy blue lululemon hip pants rather nicely. Rocking the green sunglasses - even though it is overcast - but they match my green shoes, so I make it work while trekking to the bus today....

It has been an odd past few days with rain in Los Angeles. Like real rain. People in LA get weird when it rains. First and foremost, they cannot drive in the rain. Period. Second, it is like the sunshine is their vitamin pack for the day - so everyone is kind of groggy. And lastly, the bus kind of smells like raunchy mildew when it rains. Unpleasant, but we deal.

So, I am on the bus today. My bus that is, the Rapid 720. And, I am really loving my color combination - I do feel like I can wear purple and this plaid is just out of sight. Great job lululemon athletica. I tip my headband to you.

Riding along and nothing interesting, surprisingly with all the bad drivers and energy shifting. Well, I am proven wrong, there is a woman wearing a winter cap with white snowflake designs, sweatpants, a visitor sticker, and carrying some large garbage bag for a purse. She decides to stand at the front and distract my bus driver with some ranting and raving. I smile. The bus driver is not responding but she just keeps going on and on. I love it.

So she starts digging in this garbage bag, right? Yelling and searching.

"Does anyone have change for a dollar?", she screams to the bus.

I am in shock. Someone actually talking to the people on the bus collectively. I dive for my wallet in my backpack. Yes, my wallet is purple. I search for coins.

"Does anyone have change? Hello! Is anyone listening to me?", she yells again while digging.

I laugh. No way did she just quote my last blog post lesson!

"Yes, yes! I am listening! And, I do have change for you", I reply from the middle of the bus and begin to walk towards her up front.

As I am standing there with my wallet open and counting dimes, she reiterates that she needs change for a dollar. Twice. I comply and hand her 11 dimes. I am in a good mood and figure I can give her one to grow on.

"Is that a dollar even?", she yells. I smile, tell her no and let her know I gave her one more, just in case. She blesses me and counts them out in her hand.

She then starts sharing about her visit with her son at the Veteran's Hospital. I get some of the most interesting bus friends when we go past that stop.

I am enthralled to know more. However, there is a woman taking photos and my winter hat wearing woman literally freaks out! She thinks she was snapped in a photo and goes haywire. She shares that she is paranoid. She does NOT like her photo taken. And then....

"God is with me! God will protect me! I have Angels and God", she starts to yell. She looks around to place blame and stares at the photographer. She looks at me and responds, "I trust you, you gave me an extra dime. But everyone else...." and she continues on this rant.

She finally departs at the next stop with her $1.10 in change. Still yelling about God and the Angels and telling all those standing on the sidewalk.

I take my seat. Eyes wide. What was that interaction? Man, I love the bus!

And here I go, pondering the meaning of life today. I wonder why that lady trusted me due to the extra dime? And, it was interesting how she ranted about paranoia and then shifted gears to let everyone know she is protected always.

I honestly believe that her belief in God and the Angels allow that woman to survive. She would go absolutely mental, well - even more so than she displayed - had she not thought that someone was loving and protecting her always. And I don't know, maybe God is on her side in more ways than one - with the Angels and all she was preaching.

It just leads me to wonder, do we all have some type of protection system we immediately turn to?

I know for me in my life, my family is most definitely one of those saving graces. I imagine if I was a crazy, winter-wearing-hat, paranoid lady screaming at some photographer, maybe I would calm myself down and start yelling about my family. How funny my Dad is or how he always, always, always says "I love you" when he gets off the phone. Or, how my Mom is such a rock in my life and literally makes me believe in me. And that my sisters are my best friends and will grow up to make this World a better place! What if I just started screaming that out loud. I wonder if people would think I was crazy or be jealous of my protection system. Maybe a little of both.

I think we all have those people, belief systems, love,... it can be anything in our lives that allow us to "calm down" in crazy situations, or in life. It is in those challenging moments that push us to the limit that we realize who and what they are.

For me, I like knowing my saving grace. My "I am in a rock and a hard place, throw me a bone here?" protection system..

Where do you go when you ask someone for change and are then paranoid about the photographer snapping your photo and that it just might be the end of all beings with that photo click?

I hope for you, somewhere safe, inspiring and beautiful.

And, I hope in turn, you are that for someone else, too.

Happy Holidays!


  1. The rock just crumbled - mom

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  3. I love you, you are the best sister ever and mel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your little sis,