Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Midwest Hearts Goal-Setting

So today on the bus....

visual: Hot pink lululemon athletica fleece over my gray knit leggings tucked in my lite gray with purple striped legwarmers step quickly in my blue Haviana flip flops to the bus today. A heavier purple backpack slows the process as my yoga mat is strapped in and I am ready to take the day.

I had one of those mornings where I walk out the doors and the sun is not even up yet as it was so early and a bit overcast. I feel as if I am forgetting something. Upon turning the corner from my street, I had to double check for my keys. Six steps later, make sure I have five quarters and my wallet. Seventeen steps later, did I bring my daily planner? Took me forever to get to the bus stop with all the double checking. What kind of day is this going to be?

I arrive on time and wait patiently. It is chilly compared to the past couple of days and I am now reconsidering my flip flop choice, as my UGG boots sit behind that locked door in my cozy apartment. The bus approaches, no decision making there. 720 all the way. I am on and ready to roll. Thank You Ms. Bus Driver and front seat for me this morning with the heavy and somewhat cumbersome load.

In observing my bus trek, I see a woman with quite a few bags in the first row and a gentleman in a snowflake sweater near my seat. I am smiling and nodding, but no eye contact and no response.

A gentleman approaches the bus driver in between stops. He is carrying a bottle of something and is whispering to the bus driver. I lean in a bit and they are talking about a trash can. I catch a glimpse of the object in his hand, it contained some type of drugs or curios substance. Must have fallen out of a previous passenger's pocket on their ride. I lose stuff all the time: water bottle, sustainable coffee cup, journal, candy cane.... So we pull over to the nearest sidewalk trash can and the gentleman throws it out.

How epic. A drug find on my early Metro ride, and a cool enough citizen to get it off the bus, off the streets, and in the trash. Bus riders saving the World!

At the next stop, a kind gentleman sits down in my row. One seat open between us, we greet one another and begin conversation. He is very cordial and I recognize the vibe. He reveals his Midwest roots from Illinois - I knew it! I told him I went to school at Indiana University and I was a Hoosier at heart! Immediate connection. It is a Midwestern thing.

We talk about his life in LA. He used to be in the Air Force and he smiles a lot. He shares his goals and talks to me about his plan to be in Montana on a farm with two horses by this time next year. I share my goals and a move away from our sunshine city in my future and reveal that the Midwest or Colorado is calling my name. He is delighted. Look at us, goal setting on the LA Metro. My favorite pastime in life, goal setting.

My exit approaches and I wish him well in his future in Montana. We depart and I feel somewhat uplifted.

As I head towards Beverly Hills, I think about my past year, my present bus-riding, yoga-loving, people-meeting life, and my future. I love that I get to leave a conversation on the bus that inspires me to polish up my goals for the fast approaching New Year, New Decade! We could have talked about the weather or the economy, but we chose to talk about how incredible our lives are and where they are going.

Talk goals with someone today. See what you find.

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  1. Being back in the Midwest and in the midst of a current snowstorm, weather is THE currency of conversation back here.

    In LA, where weather is almost universally pleasant, one is allowed to expand conversation into territories both New and Inspirational.