Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Bus Snob? Yes.

So today on the bus....

visual: Weighted down today with not only the purple backpack, but also the over-sized, over-stuffed magenta patent leather gym bag digging into my shoulders, I wait. Bright ocean blue racerback tank peeking out from under the avocado green lululemon jacket which match my bright lime green sunglasses atop the brown herringbone spandex groove pants, yes you read that right, herringbone - and green Nike's wait on Sunset Boulevard for a new bus on this new day....

Its true everyone. I branched out today. I took a Right off my street instead of a Left and went and found a new bus route. Bus number 2. It is a local line. Blue bus, instead of the vibrant red bus I know and love. A bit different from what I might be used to, but I was up for this new challenge.

It is almost funny when you get in a rhythm. You feel so committed to your bus that you have taken daily and learned to know and trust. You know its exact stops and quirks. You have found a home on that bus 720 that moves so rapidly and wonderfully through this city of Los Angeles. Yes, as you can now see, I am dating Bus 720. Thus, I share the pain to leave it for a new one....

But it was time. I had a new gym membership and was in need of a different route. So, here I go.

My green Nike's move swiftly through Brentwood Village towards Sunset Boulevard. It is such a cute yuppy shopping area in a really pleasant part of town. Mid-walk, I seriously feel myself judging...myself. I am walking with not one bright colored lululemon bag, but two! I felt like some crazy bag lady. So you know, when you ride the bus, you don't have any car space or scooter seat space available to store your, well, your life. So packed up tight in both bags was what I needed for a full day - gym outfit (plus running shoes), work outfit (plus trendy tennis shoes), make-up bag, party outfit (plus black boots) for the birthday dinner I had later, and quarters. Yep, feeling pretty heavy here.

So, let's be honest, I had to drop the ego pronto. I didn't have enough energy for these bags, my full day, this new bus route, and my "poor me with all my bags and no space to keep it" complaints. I smiled, shook that off and arrived at my bus stop. I am a lean, 'green', earth-saving machine!

And there it was in about five seconds flat - my new bus.

I jump on, per usual, insert my quarters and thank my bus driver. He does not respond. Not near as friendly as my bus 720 drivers. Hmmph.

I take a seat in the front and notice the bus is so empty. Comparison game in my head, the bus 720 is so much better than this with people actually wanting to ride it. Hmmph hmmph.

Where are the TV's on this local 2?

Then I noticed the fabric on the seats. A gray background with blue, orange and red lightning bolts shooting down the seat. Inviting? Not so much. I miss my vibrant and 80's-like fabric on my bus.

And then, I hear the front door just rattling with the utmost of efforts upon every bump we hit. I am like, "Dang, I thought the screws were loose and the shocks were bad on my rush bus..."

I do notice a very cute, old man with a cardigan sweater with Charlie Brown zigzags across the front and high water khaki pants that reveal his thick white socks in his khaki-colored orthopedic sneakers. I smile. He stares blankly at the front of the bus.

And then I realize, I am a Snob on a Bus. But ironically, I am being snobby about the bus I ride. Have I moved from Snob on a Bus, to Bus Snob? I am comparing this no-fun, no-people, SLOW, no-shocks, "local" bus to my beautiful, rapid, friendly, fun bus #720.

Would you look at me? A true bus snob. I have favorites!

So now, I just feel funny. Well, and awesome. You know, I really have embraced this lifestyle change and live an amazing life with it. I wear a bicycle necklace around my neck, I use sustainable cups, I walk to the bus stop every day, I pack my life in bags to make it work, I found a Blackberry Application for public transit transportation, and I will always have quarters on me. And gosh darn, I like myself!

Life takes you in different directions. Places you thought you would never be. Did I think I would ever be riding the bus, no! Did I think I would ever be putting a beachcruiser on the front of the bus, definitely not! Did I ever think I would have a favorite bus route and bus type - hell no! I used to be "too cool" for public transportation, remember? I some times cringe at that thought. Who was I?

But now, what seemed like so much "no" and "never" in my life has now become a yes, yes, yes!

I think that transcends all things. What do you allow to be a "no" in your life that in actuality can really be a "yes"?

Can I go back to school at age 40?
Should I change jobs to do something I have passion for?
Can I stand for his/her greatness?
Can my life be bigger than this?
Can I be the next President?

Can I change the World?

A "no" to a "yes".

Try it.

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