Friday, December 18, 2009

Enjoy The Ride and Be Present

So today on the bus....

visual: A vision of all black waits for the bus today until you scan down and see the HOT PINK legwarmers over my green and navy Nikes. The lululemon holiday tee is worn again with inspirational quotes reading, "LOVE" and "Do One Thing A Day That Scares You" loudly across my chest. Green sunglasses and the purple backpack accessorize this ensemble as I rush to catch the bus.

I had no idea it was as hot as it was outside today. All black and legwarmers caused for a slight glow as I power walk to my bus stop. My empty stomach is speaking some type of absurd language as I approach the stop in front of the 711. Pavlov's Theory kicks in as I recall the insanely gross but somehow delicious taquitos they serve for $1.09. I panic as my stomach is screaming and my bus is not in sight.

I make the choice!

Purple backpack bouncing and sweat glistening, I approach the counter, "I just need one taquito! You pick the flavor and please do not make me miss the bus". The man at the counter rushes to get my snack and as he is slowly and carefully placing the sanitary blue gloves on his hand, my bus pulls up outside. PANIC. "It is here! Just throw it to me, please!" He rushes and we exchange money for disgusting grease in the shape of tortilla and what seems to be meat. And I literally run for the bus and made it just in time.

Well great. Now I am full on sweating, thank goodness I am wearing all black. I step on and the bus is slammed. My memory bank shuffles to my annoyance of McDonald's smell on the bus, so I smash my 711 snack in my backpack and stand at the front.

The bus driver takes off with a vengeance and I fall backwards. Yes. I fall into the person in the first seat, ever so lightly. Really!?! I apologize and face forwards.

These four people are conversing so loudly, so they avert the attention from my fall. What a trip this has been already. As I eavesdrop, per usual, I am so elated to hear people making friends on the bus. The four strangers had not met and were so excited. I smile for the bus networking I see here. A true bond. A mini bus party, if you will.

As we approach our next stop, there are two men in wheelchairs waiting to ride today - we all must exit the front of the bus and stampede the aisle to the back. I find a seat and await the long line of passengers at this stop. Afternoons are so crowded! They continue to rush through and an older woman with bright blue eyeliner walks by. I offer her my seat and move further back on the bus. I am now seated across from the new and very, very loud friends.

As the last few passengers seek a seat, a younger man's backpack brushes against one of the loud ladies with the tallest ponytail I have ever seen. And wow, did she ever make a scene. Complaining about people and backpacks and respect.

Finally, we all get situated, she calms down and the bus continues on on its route. I see a girl across from me reading what I have written on my shirt and smiling. I love that - all this time I complain about no inspiration on the bus advertisement, not realizing I just have to wear it! Amazing.

I comment on her book; she is reading "Eat, Pray, Love". I adored that book, such a great read. We converse about the author's travels, adventures, and style of writing. Then that awkward silence happens when we can no longer talk about the book and we both start looking around aimlessly as the loud people continue to jabber on and on and exchange phone numbers.

A dude to the right of me comments on my outfit, "Are you going to aerobics class?".

I chuckle and inform him I am going to my place of work, in which we sell yoga inspired athletic apparel. He comments that he has not seen legwarmers worn for normal wear and we then begin to talk about the 80's comeback that is taking place. Mind you, I have been wearing legwarmers for years. A trendy snob I have never been. Maybe a new era for me....

The loud friends continue to converse and conversation moves into some medical speak about milligrams and needs. I am beginning to wonder if this beautiful networking on the bus is more than what meets the eye. I disregard and check my Blackberry emails.

An older man enters the bus and I offer him my seat and begin to move to the exit for the next stop. Oh goodness me, if my backpack did not barely brush the loud ponytail woman. She goes off again, on me this time. "Watch it, you gonna knock my prayers outta people and backpacks...". Ranting about disrespect and all this nonsense. Ironic, as I did not see her give up her seat for anyone, yet when I try to be nice, she has to freak out. I want to rear around and give her a piece of this, but before I do so, a nice man standing in front of me looks at me and says, "She just runnin' her mouth, ain't she?" and we both smile.

The dude who loves the 80's comes to stand by me at the exit and we discuss the bus. He is riding because his car was impounded yesterday. I told him I just ride to get from point A to point B. Truth of the matter. I share my bus knowledge and he jumps off when I do. I thank my driver, and we carry on. He asks where I work and we depart with a nice handshake.

I mean, what a bus ride today. I almost fall down. I get yelled at by the loudest woman on the bus. And, I get hit on.

I am exhausted before I even get to work. And my taquito is getting cold in my backpack!

I don't really think I even had time to learn anything. The bus was absolutely crazy today, at some points awkward and at others just scary. A lot was going on and my mind was just running. I cross the street just laughing.

So much of the time I want to live with intention, set goals and be something great for this World. I guess, I often forget to just live life. Just enjoy the ride and be present.

What a crazy way life chose to reminded me how.

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