Sunday, December 27, 2009

Make A Choice. Right Now. At This Very Moment.

So today on the bus...

visual: My bright green sunglasses covered by my dark brown hair that I am actually wearing down today with the most bright of a hot pink racerback tank over a lite grey pair of lululemon sweatpants hiked up to capri length to showcase my bright blue flip flops, waiting groggily at the bus stop today.

I lack the usual jump in my step today. I am coming down from the holiday bliss and craze, if you can have both at one time, I did. I approach my stop to notice that there are no other passengers waiting, I always take this as a sure sign that a bus has just passed and scooped everyone up. I inch closer to the 711 convenient store and consider a taquito! They have a large poster up in the window with a Sherlock Holmes Movie ad with the taquitos showcased on that same poster. Odd. However, my logic tells me, "well, I just saw Sherlock Holmes last night, so I should probably have one of those grease-filled, crunchy and delicious taquitos. I mean, they are combined on the advertisement! It only makes sense.". Ridiculous what we can make ourselves believe. I opt out for a protein bar and regret every bite as I wait for the bus.

A couple stragglers finally arrive to wait with me at the bus stop. Sundays are a slower day for bus traffic in the afternoon. The bus arrives and we all jump on.

The bus driver is handing out some type of pamphlet to everyone. Somehow, I get skipped. I guess he did not want me to have this coveted bus news. What if they are offering free days? What if my route has been changed? What if my blog is featured in that pamphlet?

I venture towards the back of the bus today and ride along in silence. I was chatting away on my cell phone at one point, but I quickly disconnect the phone call after someone sits down next to me. I gaze around. My normal take on the bus. But today, I feel different. Something is not clicking for me. I don't want to say hi to the woman next to me. I don't want to just go up and ask for a pamphlet. I don't want to change the World today. I feel so tired. How weird?

In exiting the bus I rush across the street where Santa Claus and his Reindeer still float above on their clothesline above Beverly Drive. As I enter into Beverly Hills, I feel so out of sorts.

In realizing what just happened, I scoff. I just had the most awful attitude on the bus. Selfish. Tired. An almost ugly attitude. Okay, it was just plain ugly! Wondering why the bus driver didn't give me a pamphlet? Did I even thank him? Not saying hi to the lady beside me, as I had felt she had given me the up and down look of disapproval. Being secretly jealous of this older gentleman's jumpsuit and shiny jacket he was wearing - so 80's, so out there, so awesome!

Who was I in that moment on the bus today? I don't even recognize her.

And there it was. My answer. I had made that choice today. Made the choice to be Oscar the Grouch, no longer found on Sesame Street but clad in lululemon atheltica on the Metro Rapid 720! I did not want to change the World today. I did not want to be out for greatness today. I had given up for that very life moment.


Who I am being every day is a direct correlation to who I am for the World, my family, my friends, my team at lululemon, strangers on the bus.... for myself. If I face a day with a bad attitude, that is exactly what that day gets. I am thankful for the distinction. I am thankful that I can look at who I was on that bus today, shake my head, and choose a different attitude right now at this very moment.

We all have that choice. Make the distinction. I quote Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the World".

On my bus today, I blended in, sat back, and did absolutely nothing.

On my bus tomorrow, I will change the World.

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