Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Start Walkin' UGG Boots

So today on the bus...

visual: Slept in late today and ended up wearing a rather mismatched outfit. Of course, the lululemon pants, UGG boots and the best part, my lite blue family hoodie that we all wore for my Grandparents' 50th Anniversary Cruise. It zips up and my name in BOLD letters with the word, granddaughter typed underneath. Oh ya, move over for this granddaughter snob.

It was a cooler day in Beverly Hills today and I was so happy to be stomping around in my UGG boots and a liteweight jacket. Two of my buses arrive at my stop, so I choose the last one, as it seems to have a shorter line. I jump on the bus, ready to get home a little earlier than usual. Thank my bus driver for picking me up and head to the back.

The bus driver is a larger and loud woman. Her voice carries. Yelling something to an older man about the last stop or Westwood or something, I just brush it off, thinking she must have just been talking to that guy about his route. I ask questions about my stops all the time.

I find my seat and as the bus was not too heavy, I handle a business call while riding. Nobody gives me the evil eye, so I continue conversing, strategizing and planning a new blog venture. Man, the bus is loud though. And for some reason, it sounded like we were going through a NASCAR race track tunnel. Oh, well that is because my crazy driver decided to race past another bus.

Scared. For. My. Life.

Came out alive though. Ended the call, as I couldn't hear anything in our race tunnel and contemplate a quick cat nap before I go work out today. Sounds lovely!

Then, all of a sudden, my bus stop at its regular Westwood stop. Near UCLA and the Wilshire Corridor. Good location, makes sense. But the bus driver is yelling "LAST STOP". I'm like, no, no that cannot be right. That must be for that guy she was talking to. Nice of her to tailor this route for him.



I look around to my bus-riding friends who are still seated and just as shocked as I am. What is she talking about? I scurry off the bus, as she is still yelling and demanding our exit. I really was almost scared of her.

So, I stumble off into Westwood and realize the trek I shall make home. It is only a little over a mile, no big deal. My bus pulls across the street to a resting stop. I guess my bus driver needed her break, perhaps a little cat nap for her tired cat nap!

I walk. My feet are literally sweating in my tall UGG boots. Not such a great idea now. Oh no, now the shins are sweating! I WOULD choose the bus that needed a break. I would!

Bus 720. You have always been so great to me. And, now this?

Zooming past me, as I hoof along, are more of my bus 720's - I see thier drivers didn't NEED their break. I swear, four of them just went past me. But I am not about to pay ANOTHER $1.25 to go one mile. I won't do it! And damn, what is with ALL the litter on the sidewalks? Do we need more trash cans around here??

I finally let go of the bus that stopped short. In the duration of my walk, I ponder the life lesson here. What is it? Some times people just need a nap? Next time, listen when she is yelling about a last stop? Can you really be upset about a 1 mile walk??

Actually, I think it is something about an alternative route. Some times in life, the bus driver stops and doesn't take you all the way home. You have to walk, or ride your bike, or pay for another bus or call for help from a friend that lives nearby. We don't always get exactly where we need to be. But if you want to get home, you will figure out a way. It is who you get to be and where you choose to end up!

So, choose to curse and sulk at life, or come on boots, start walkin'!

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  1. Wasn't it Nancy Sinatra who sang "These (UGG) boots were made for walking..."