Sunday, November 15, 2009

All In a Day's Work

So today on the bus...

visual: Bright blue lululemon ultra shorts, a deep red-ish orange long sleeve shirt, my avocado green jacket (again), purple backpack packed to the brim, and my VANS slip-on sneakers (that have really seen better days) walked on to the bus today. I was a plethora of color and almost a bit chilly as Fall is finally approaching LA.

I would like to note, I have made it a habit to thank my bus driver EVERY time I step on the bus. Whether I get on with a smile and say thank you for taking my $1.25 in quarters, ask them how their day is going, or literally thanking them for driving me and my bus friends safely to our destination - I do it. I acknowledge that this very bus driver for the 17 minute (give or take) ride, has my life in his/her strong, cat-like maneuvering-through-traffic, trusted and experienced hands.

And then I find my seat. And there, I think....

It was all about me today on the ride home from work. No conversation with my fellow riders, no judging, no analyzing...just me. I thought about the course of my day and who I had been all day as a moving citizen. And I mean, literally moving. I had run today, so I was a runner. That run had taken me to my bike, so I was a biker today. I got a ride to work today, thus making me a passenger in shotgun and a carpool-er. And now, I am on the bus. Look at me. Movin' and groovin' around LA in any and almost every way possible.

Its interesting thinking about all the different life characters we get to portray in our own special and crazy way....

As a runner, you own your part of the road. Of course, most of my run was in a bike lane on a larger, run-friendly path we call San Vicente Blvd. This awesome street takes you straight from my hood down to the beautiful beach! Best part, its all DOWN HILL baby! The cars rush past me, bikers tell me to scoot over, and walkers...I mean, if I am running, scoot over walkers! Some walkers just take up the whole sidewalk - I am like, really? Nonetheless, this is who you are. A friendly runner dealing with all that is on your road. I say friendly because I do say "hi" to everyone that runs by. Just me, my Asics, wicking lululemon outfit, ipod amazing playlist, and the people I get to greet on my pavement.

As a biker, you have a littler more pull. You are on two (2) wheels and moving at a faster pace. The cars allow you some respect. Hell, I would - they are just pushing a pedal up this damn hill, I am up on my feet rockin' this uphill resistance with no gears, sweating the whole way, and keeping up with traffic. They better make some room! And, I'm not using gas. Sweating and saving the Earth - all in a day's work really.

Later that day, as a carpool-er, its a three-fold of being really. You are riding shotgun, thus saving energy. You are sharing conversation with someone, thus having fun. And, you really do get there just a bit faster. So I have the save, the share and the speed with me. Keep in mind though, this allows the person you are riding with an active part in this character you are playing. I mean, I rode with a friend to work and we were just battling. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the ride and for him. But yes, I had to deal with a little negativity, some horseplay and then, finally, a great conversation. So now, I am getting to work faster, saving gas, and turning a negative energy in someone to a positive. I really do think I am a freaking X-Men character.

Last but not least, my snob on a bus time. I first give thanks to the driver, then I sit and I just get to think. I don't have to converse with anyone, if I don't want to. I can converse with anyone, if I do want to (well, and if they want to). I can have a conversation with ME about how ugly and so OUTDATED the fabric on the seats of these buses are - in my head or outloud really. People talk to themselves on the bus ALL THE TIME. I can sleep. I can take care of an email or seven (7) on the Blackberry. I mean, the possibilities are really endless as a snob on an LA bus!

So how do I connect this to life? I mean, I saved the world today if you think about it. Really, I did. And that is who I got to be, a freaking X-Men, fast-moving, environmentally friendly and people friendly world-saver! When taking on these different life characters, you get to OWN it. And own it I did! Mine all have to do with movement, but its all the same. So to recap my 'owning of life':
* as a runner, I party on the pavement with my ipod and a smile. Maybe a wave, maybe not.
* as a biker, I might inspire GREEN living in others and sweat in the race with gas-guzzling traffic.
* as a carpool-er, I get to save gas and change a negative to a positive attitude while getting to work quicker!
* as a bus rider, I get to think about ALL THIS, talk to myself, and share it with you!

So here we are, riding along in life. As a runner, teacher, swimmer, trash man, trapeze artist, dancer, lover, doctor, senior citizen, bus rider....whatever you are... for 17 minutes, for today, for the year, for life... how will you save your world, thus the world, while doing it?

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