Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hold My Hand

So today on the bus...

visual: Starbucks in one hand, holding up my navy blue beach cruiser in the other, I wait. Bright avocado green lululemon jacket, running shoes, hot pink head band, plaid sunnies...ready to take on this day.

So, I am waiting for the bus today and this cute older woman is waiting next to me. Not super old, but middle age old. Wearing larger glasses and a cute newspaper delivery boy looking hat. Her hands begin to flail around in the air, and all of a sudden, a similar aged man appears scooting across the street to stand by her side. They wait together. Next to me and my bike.

704 RUSH it comes truckin' along. The older couple jumps on. Per usual, I begin to sweat a little bit thinking about this bike-on-a-bus thing, but I go ahead and throw that beach cruiser on the front, like a freaking METRO genius. I jump on the bus with a little swagger in my step and find my seat near the front. The bus driver is hitting on everyone that steps up to his bus, but that is a whole different story. He even picked up some plaid shirted woman not even at a bus stop, now I know she didn't wave and I know that is against the rules.


So, I am sitting there riding along, minding my own business. Nothing too interesting. I'm in the front of the bus, so I cannot really see anything back in the back. I blackberry a little bit. We stop and go due to Beverly Hills traffic. A cute young girl with a half braided head of hair and half fro steps on hand-in-hand with her caretaker. I offer up my seat, as the bus is getting pretty full.


I get up and move to the seat on the other side of the bus, just in case. Of course, the caretaker takes the seat and continues to work on the little girls' hair. I smile because I knew she needed my seat and I had recognized that and took action. Yes, I am celebrating that.

So now, sitting next to me is that cute older couple that I had mentioned previously at the bus stop. I knew I had loved them from the minute I saw that old man scurry to his little lady. What I had not noticed at the beginning of my ride in my first seat was that these two were holding hands. Had been the entire time. I smiled.

There I am sweating on the LA Metro. I have the flirty to a point of annoying bus driver in the front, some scary obese man in the middle area flicking off homeless people as we pass by - literally jamming his middle finger against the window and saying some craziness, and then right next to me, my amazing hand-holding couple.

Realizing that I would have not even had the chance to notice the beauty of these two wonderful people holding hands, sharing love, and just being love....had I not taken a job that I was passionate for, had I not turned in my car lease and bought a bike, had I not turned to the bus as a mode of transporation, and had I not given up my seat on that bus for the caretaker with the half-fro'd youngster - I breathe a sigh of gratitude.

Life's funny that way.

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  1. I love reading your stories and you'll never be a snob in my eyes. Proud of you and glad you're down to earth. Lumpy