Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sharing is Caring

So today on the bus....

visual: me at the bus stop, rockin' all organic cotton lululemon today in my charcoal hip pants and new black 'bat wing tee' that I thought would sell out in minutes and convinced myself I had to own. A little flare with the hot pink braided belt low on the hips, bright purple nostalgic backpack and those 70's massive grandma sunglasses I love to sport. There I am, ready to ride.

It was a big day for this snob on a bus. I took the bus 3 (three) times today. Three! You read that right. I had places to go, and my wheels were the LA Metro.

So, I took my first bus today, the number 2. I did learn that the RUSH buses are actually much faster. The 2 stops at about every other block. No joke, I felt like I was learning to drive a stick again for the first time with all the stop and go, stop and go. And, I don't know if it was the hour I was riding or what, but man, there were a lot of late aged people riding the bus with me today! Thus making each and every stop that much longer, as they set their walker aside, or grab the railing for support, or mosey on up to the opening doors from the corner.... I appreciate them riding the bus, because Lord knows they have no reaction time and should NOT be driving moving that slow. They were friendly passengers, however. One woman just grabbed my hand and had me help her off the bus, no problem. Short, blue eyes, white hair, crunched over - thanked me and mumbled something I couldn't understand and was on her merry and very slow way. Bold those older bus riders, bold I tell you.

As for my second ride, what is the deal with people sitting on the outside seat? I am standing right here, MOVE OVER by the window. Your purse does NOT need that seat. I am a clean, law-abiding, and rather lively and almost lovely citizen. Scoot over and let's enjoy a conversation or at least take a load off, together. Fine, whatever, I'll just go sit in the back.

Nope. I will never sit in the back of the bus, again. Never. So, because of all these sit-on-the-outside-seat-so-no-one-can-sit-beside-you-people, I take a little jaunt to the back of the bus and sit between 2 gentleman, one rather small man and another jamming to his ipod. After a couple stops, all of the back-of-the-bus passengers move on and new friends fill in. One is talking to himself, oh man that was kind of awkward. Do I listen? Make eye contact? Where is my damn ipod? And, some sleepy passengers snuggle in.

Well, here is the kicker, I am sandwiched in the middle of these 2 men, right? And, of course, to my left is the talker, talking to him and himself alone. So, at one point in my trip, the smaller guy sitting next me proceeds to vacate his seat and sit near the crazy talker guy and not me! I mean, they had a seat between them and he got a window... But still, what?!?! Again, with people not wanting to sit next to one another? Don't we all just want love in the long run? Except you crazy talker, I can't go there.

My last ride was uneventful. I almost feel odd when nothing crazy happens on the LA public transportation system. Almost let down, I could say. It is like I am settling comfortably into the dirty seats, the finger-smudged windows and grumpy bus drivers. Weird. Give me something to write about....

Long bus rides short, SCOOT OVER people. Let's have a conversation and get real today. Let me in, or at least let me sit down next to you. Sharing is caring.

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