Friday, February 19, 2010

Make The Choice to Have A Great Day

So today on the bus...

visual: Purple-ish blue lululemon athletica Still Pants, a more relaxed fit pair - as I cannot wear the tight spandex every day - matched with a grey long sleeve, a neon green tank peeking out the bottom, as I layer for the early morning chill. With my fitted LA Dodgers cap and bright green aviator-influenced sunglasses, I rock back and forth on my royal blue flip flops waiting for the bus.

I actually had been offered 2 rides this morning but opted to go find a bus adventure. In stepping on the Rapid 720, I thank my driver and find a seat right up front in between two older gentlemen. I won't miss a thing up here and I am ready for some action.

We rush through a couple stops and I got nothing thus far. Just enjoying the moment here.

"Approaching Westwood" rings through the bus with the mechanical women's voice above on the speaker system. A line of people begin to pour through the double doors.

A familiar face sits down across from me. I cannot pinpoint where I have met him, nor do I know if it was a pleasant conversation or not. Why my mind even wanders to a negative possibility, I do not know.

He looks across the way a couple times. Remembering, remembering....

"You work for an athletic clothing company right?", he asks.

In shock with his memory, I answer yes and smile. He reminds me that we have met before and says his name is Lonnie.

Ahhhhh yes, Lonnie. Sweet Lonnie who works for the oil company in Beverly Hills yet used to live in Texas. Yes, I am there now. We exchange our previous bus rendezvous and ask each other how the other is doing and so on and so forth.

He is so friendly and I immediately re-connect.

We get to talking about the past couple weeks. I tell him I caught that nasty head cold going around and he shares that he banged up his right heel of his foot somehow and that it "hurts like hell". Talk about the weather and the chilly air that has blown through. Nothing compared to the rest of the nation, we retort to one another.

He has those kind eyes. And they are kind of droopy in the most endearing way. We have a moment of silence and I look out the front window. I turn back to him and ask, "So Lonnie, are you going to have a great day?".

He scratches his navy blue beanie atop his head and answers, "We will see. Maybe. There are some obstacles, you know?".

I respond, "I don't know. You either choose to make it a great day or you don't".

He stares back and cracks a smile. "I hear ya, I hear ya".

"Well I hope you hear me. Or else I am just talking to thin air over here!", I respond with a little sass and a smile.

He eats it up and we both agree to have a great day today. As I pull my tab to exit, I shake his hand. He looks up from his seat and tells me, "I will remember what you told me today. And, I have all the confidence in you and that you will have a great day".

I smile, agree, and thank him. I remind him to make the choice, and with that, I wave bye to the bus driver and exit.

I some times forget how fun it is to challenge people. I challenged Lonnie to have a great day. What a trip. Nobody could ever truly be upset with someone for encouraging them to have a great day. And that is what we have to remember. It is essentially about standing for people's greatness.

I am so happy he spoke up and recalled our previous bus meeting. I hope Lonnie had a great day. I know I did.

Stand for the greatness of people. Challenge someone to have a great day today.


  1. "You either choose to make it a great day or you don't".

    Thank you, I'm sharing that on my Facebook profile.

  2. I'm afraid I'm going to have to write a harsh blog post criticizing your ignorance. I apologize in advance.

    I'll let you know when I post it:

  3. hi, i read about you in the l.a. times today and i've recently started taking the train to get downtown. i know the 720 bus, it passes right by my stop on vermont/wilshire. i'll be sure to wave at you next time! :)

  4. Jacquelyn, came to you via the LATimes. You are so awesome. What a great attitude. You made my day. Keep it up!

  5. Amy, I read your story in the LA Times today, I congratulate you on many fronts. Desire to do your part to protect the environment, while I have not been able to bring myself to your level(I have driven a Prius since 2003 for whatever that is worth) I have felt inclined to do more. Great tenacity, few of us over-privileged show your persistent positivity when so challenged. While I am sure you are familiar, I recommend Thoreau's Walden as a great read to pass some time while commuting. All the best, wish I came across more like you, David

  6. I have been recommended Walden a few times in the pst 2 weeks. I just finished the book, "The Art of Doing Nothing". I will definitely give it a read. Thanks! And of cousre, have a beautiful day.