Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bus Camouflage and No Seatbelts?

So today on the bus...

visual: Oh you are in for this, so today I decided to go bright. I rocked the lululemon athletica color Mac and Cheese. Yes, bright yellow leggings with my brand new Vans Classic Slip On sneakers in the textured colors of bright purple, bright blue and lime green. Yes, you are reading this right. Green sunglasses offset the orange-red long sleeve and that bus smile, as I wait on Wilshire Boulevard.

What a day. I am exhausted after a full morning. I have already done a ballet barre class that rocked my bum in ways I did not know was possible, followed by a gnarly Cross Fit workout before approaching the bus today. The endorphins are running rampant!

My bus arrives in somewhat good time and I jump on to greet my bus driver. She is decked out in these colorful bus-driving gloves with the fingers cut out. I, of course, comment on her snazzy style and she thanks me.

I take my seat and I look around at my sleepy passengers. I place my purple backpack aside and just enjoy the ride.

Now, I know I have told you guys about the insane 80's print on the seats of the bus. Who is the Metro stylist? Well, well, well, wouldn't you know it, today I matched it. Oh yes, bus camouflage brought to you by this lululemon athletica clad bus snob! I was worried someone might sit on me! I had the yellow pants and the orange-red top. How in the World could this be? I chuckle to myself, it is almost unreal! (See bus seats below...)

Once I think I am past myself matching the bus, I begin to ponder: why does the bus not have seat belts? Really, why not? It is the law to buckle up in the car, but on the bus with, at times, over 50 people riding - all in the hands of one bus driver. I question the logic here. I do not sign a waiver on the bus. There are no signs saying if we crash, Metro Rapid 720 is not responsible. It is rather interesting.

This is LA with all the traffic and crazy dreamers on the road! Hell, I sign waivers before entering a gentle yoga flow in this city!

Answers! I need answers!

In case you have forgotten, yes, yes I did match the seats today on the bus. I did!


  1. Crazy dreamers ? That's why Westside drivers are the worst in town. I thought it was because they were all a bunch of impatient East Coast transplants who just learned to drive. I'm glad I don't have to worry about dreamers moving to my side of town. Just natives here :-)

  2. There are actually good reasons not to have seat belts on buses. See