Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LA Bus System Code of Conduct?

So on the bus today....

visual: LA bus. me standing at the front in the way as all the people board, phone ringing - I silence it even though I really want to answer.

What are the rules of the Los Angeles bus system? Bus etiquette or code of conduct, if you will....

1) Can I eat on the bus?

2) Can I stand the entire ride, even if there is an open seat?

3) If I am standing at the bus stop, do I have to put my hand up every time? Wouldn't they know and not just drive past?
3a) They drove past me.

4) Can I talk on my cell phone? Is that rude? Should I put my phone on vibrate? Hell, I'm not in a business meeting or an interview here! And it is a 30 minute commute (traffic pending), I could really get some work done on here.

5) Can you talk to the bus driver? Even while he is driving?

6) Is there a cool section on the bus? I still don't know the ways. Like in school when all the cool kids rode in the very

7) How often do they clean the bus seats? And, I mean the actual fabric. I think that should be on a poster somewhere, even if they are lying - put my mind, current clothing I am wearing, and bum at ease, please.

8) Are there bus police? I see METRO police cop cars - but I wonder, are they upholding the law for the bus drivers on the road? What about the law-abiding, 'going green' citizens actually ON THE BUS?

9) Why don't they post instructions? I still do not know how to transfer, or buy a day pass. Even though - when I actually do know all these things I will have transformed and morphed into the true bus-rider. Maybe I don't want those instructions - but for tourists?

10) Do people ever tip the bus driver? We do for taxi and limo drivers....

11) All I am asking for is some hand sanitizer please? At the bus stop or on the bus...anything!

12) There is some metro entertainment now with a flat screen in the front corner of the bus, can we change the channel? Give me a show I can enjoy. Virgin Airlines should do a public transportation system....

commuter: "hey, you takin' the PARTY BUS to work this week?"

other commuter: "Is there any other way! I'll sit by you, in the back right?"

OKAY! Now people would GO GREEN for that!

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  1. I read the article this morning...and I agree...we sometimes become so caught up in ourselves we forget that another world is out there.

    I started public transportation several years ago as my way of saying...screw the oil companies....

    It has been a great experience as an artist and a people watcher I have had the time of my life...I've gotten back into reading, and have a wonderful private time to read as i choose or be social and make friends...depending on my mood....most of the time though I'm pretty private...I cherish those times early in the morning.