Saturday, March 13, 2010

The New and Healthy Way to Commute

So today on the bus...

visual: Bright as can be lululemon checkered running shorts, a lite blue tank, the green sunnies and my Asics jump on the bus today. My green iPod clips on my fanny pak and I let my head phones hang down to allow conversation - once I catch my breath - on the bus.

The morning seemed to slip away from me. My roommate left out Girls Scout cookies and Thin Mints were my breakfast of champions this morning with a delightful cup of homemade coffee. Emails, deliciously crunchy cookies, phone calls and life seemed to distract home longer than necessary. I had an early meeting planned and had to recalculate my bus timing.

How can I make this work? I now have 42 minutes to get to my destination and the Blackberry public transit calculations read I need over 1 hour to walk and bus. Eeek!

Solution! I put on my run gear and combined forces with public transit. A green workout!

I bound out of the house with my iPod shuffle rockin' my 80's run jams and five quarters clanking in my shorts pocket. Off to my 720 bus stop heading West to Santa Monica, I run.

I pop on the bus, remove my headphones and there I rock my stretches. Out of breath and happy for the ride to cut time, I greet my nearby passengers in between arm reaches.

A few stop later and I arrive close to the beach. Jump off and my run is back on.

An amazing morning in sunny California. I ran to the bus stop, bus route down to the Santa Monica beach, run along the boardwalk, and make it to my meeting. Thank goodness I work at an athletic company and can show up to meetings sweaty!

A workout and my bus life all in a morning's trip. Who knew?

A whole new and healthy way to commute!


  1. Your experiences and attitude towards riding the bus are refreshing. I live abroad, in a city where riding the bus sometimes amounts to torture. Crowded, smelly, full of creeps and making eye contact/chatting with others is definitely not ok. Glad to see someone is enjoying their time on the bus, because I definitely am not.

  2. are you on twitter? im doing the same thing in south florida :) commuting out of self will @thealina

  3. I am on twitter. @jackicarr